Our Company

As a true builder at heart, we participate every day in building the cities of tomorrow.
Homes, offices, laboratories, shopping malls or even factories, are all places of life. Places of life where we bring our stone to the building, and this, whatever the place on our beautiful earth.

Who are we?

RA Build Management is the union of 2 entrepreneurs with a common vision and a total complementarity
Our collaboration was truly a matter of course. We both had an irresistible desire to take on new challenges and build a new company.
Because of our respective fields of expertise, the longest process was to define the scope of intervention and to see how it would all take shape.
Anxious to keep the human side in the foreground, we wanted to participate actively in the development of the project from the first ideas. Understand its purpose, how your work will be financed and what your needs and wishes are.
We have therefore opted to target elitist and high value-added projects where the process and the level of finishing are the most demanding.

Ludovic - Works engineer

Trained in the industrial sector and then in construction, I have never stopped reinventing myself. I have an insatiable need to renew myself and to take on new challenges with brio.

  • Very dense field of expertise
  • Plebiscite innovation
  • Challenger

Sonia - Financial Director

Self-taught at heart, my iron will allows me to take up any challenge that comes my way. As a true entrepreneur, I only see opportunities in life that I can seize.

  • Know how to create wealth
  • Very comfortable in communication
  • Polyglot

Let's build together

Need a human company that invests as much as you do? Do not hesitate to contact us