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RA Build Management :
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From construction management to general contracting, whatever the phase of the project. Complex works or innovative concepts, housing, offices or industrial works, our experience is very varied.
Switzerland or abroad.

About us

With over 10 years of experience, we have participated in various projects such as laboratory, office, railway infrastructure, retail, housing... New or simple and heavy renovation, even in occupied sites during the works.

  • 10 years of listening to our client in order to bring him customized solutions
  • 10 years of ambition, perseverance and self-demand on exceptional projects
  • 10 years of transparency, adaptability and versatility 

Project management

Ordering, steering and coordination 

Complete technical analysis and synthesis

Drafting and follow-up of contract documents until delivery

Technical and financial support

Setting up of a customized financial package, search for an investor.  

Rigorous budget monitoring to ensure return on investment

Design assistance

Identification of the objectives to be achieved 

Setting up the project team

Establishment of a solid program

Building the future

We wish to dedicate our know-how to any exceptional project, thus allowing the improvement of the quality of life of our society.

We make it a point of honour to ensure that ethics and the socio-economic balance between the various stakeholders are respected throughout the project.  

The environment in which the project is located is just as important as the work itself and we integrate it fully into our process.

Our Projects


Private Customer

Renovation of a 200m2 villa



Drafting of written documents for a 2000m2 office building

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